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Meet Our Team

We have an experienced, passionate team at Pressure Dx. We know that providing patient care and high quality patient care and obtaining exceptional outcomes is imperative in the ever changing healthcare field. Our goal is to provide clinical resources that will assist healthcare providers meet those goals and ensure that patients receive the care they deserve.

Candice Curtin at PressureDX
Candice Curtin

Candice is Wound Care Certified, Ostomy Care Certified, and Diabetic Wound Certified Registered Nurse. She speaks at national conferences around the United States annually and is published in medical journals and publications in four countries. She has won multiple awards including the 2015 National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy Award for Research in Wound, Case Study awards, and the UNC-Wilmington Nursing School Achievement Award.  With her extensive clinical experience, business and marketing experience, and her passion for wound & ostomy care, she strives to share her knowledge with healthcare providers to ensure exceptional patient care and outcomes.

Susan McConnell at PressureDX
Susan McConnell

Sue is a physical therapist with over 31 years of clinical and management experience. Sue has established four specialty service clinics and served as the Chief of Rehab for each of them. Using her extensive clinical knowledge in physical therapy, occupational therapy, auditing, and adaptive technology, she has been published in multiple medical publications around the country. She established and led a home health therapy program, which received a 5-star rating, the highest national accolade. Sue continues to sharing her knowledge and experience to help improve patient care.

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